As of 21 September 2020, most normal activity can resume with precautions and health guidelines in place.

In accordance with the regulatory stipulations of the South African Department of Health that allows tour operators to operate in the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa under Covid-19 restrictions, The Kruger Safari Co has instituted the following measures to be Covid-19 compliant:

·         education and training on Covid-19 compliance

         vehicle capacity restrictions (shuttle bus at 50% capacity)

         temperature and health checks

         mandatory masks (no mask/no travel rule strictly applied)

         regulatory-approved alcohol sanitiser for clients

         regular hand washing

         newly-washed and ironed work clothes every day

         cleaning vehicles inside and out each day and sprayed with regulatory surface sanitiser

         isolation plan in place

         contract tracing plan in place

         working-from-home policy in place


Covid-19 regulations for international travellers 

The following regulations apply to international and transit travellers for a holiday or business trip to South Africa post the 2020 Covid-19 travel ban and lockdown period. 

On arrival in South Africa:

·         you need to present a negative PCR test that was taken no longer than 72 hours before arriving in South Africa 

·         you will be required to go through a health screening and if you show any of the recognized symptoms of Covid-19, you will sent for extra testing and requested to self-quarantine 

·         if you can’t provide a negative PCR test on arrival in South Africa, you will be required to quarantine for 10-14 days at your own cost 

·         you will be requested to download the official Covid-19 contact-notification and alert app for South Africa which is available on Google and Apply Play. 

Mandatory protocols in South Africa: 

·         it is compulsory to wear a mask in ALL public spaces, except when undertaking vigorous exercise 

·         every person is confined to his or her place of residence from 00h01 until 04h00, except for emergencies or if granted permission as an essential services person 

·         people must practice social distancing in all public places, where you keep a space of at least one and a half metres from each other 

·         gatherings are restricted to no more than 250 people or 50% of the capacity of the venue, excluding funerals and religious gatherings which are limited to 100 and 250 persons, respectively 

·         visiting gyms, restaurants and bars as well as hotels, lodges and B&Bs are subject to post-Covid-19 operation regulations (night clubs remain closed under Level 1) 

·         the sale of liquor for off-site consumption is permitted from 09h00 to 17h00 from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays 

For more information on Covid-19 regulations from the Department of Transport: READ MORE 

Airports that are open in South Africa 

The following airports are fully operational under Level 1 (from 01st October 2020):

O.R. Tambo International Airport              – international & domestic flights

Cape Town International Airport               – international & domestic flights

King Shaka International Airport                – international & domestic flights

Bram Fischer International Airport            – domestic flights only

East London Airport                                        – domestic flights only

George Airport                                                  – domestic flights only

Kimberley Airport                                            – domestic flights only

Port Elizabeth International Airport          – domestic flights only

Upington International Airport                   – domestic flights only






The Kruger Safari Co is committed to your health and well-being


In accordance with the ongoing regulatory stipulations of the South African Department of Health that allows us to operate in the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa, The Kruger Safari Co has instituted the following measures to be Covid-19 compliant: 

Education and training

All office and field staff working for The Kruger Safari Co have received extensive training on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Training on how to meet the Covid-19 regulatory requirements is ongoing, and new regulations will be timeously adopted as and when is required.

Display posters issued by the Department of Health on handwashing, use of sanitiser and wearing masks are prominently displayed at our offices and in our tour vehicles. 

Capacity restrictions

As per the Covid-19 regulations stipulated for the transport industry, The Kruger Safari Co adheres to the following capacity restrictions:

·         tour buses at 70% capacity

·         shuttle bus at 50% capacity 

Temperature and health checks

As per regulatory requirement, temperatures of staff, guides and clients are taken at appropriate times

·         for clients, this is before they get on the tour vehicle

·         for staff and guides, this is at the start of the day before they come into contact with clients

Staff, guides and clients with a temperature of 37.3°C or more will be asked to immediately leave the premises or will not be permitted to join the tour. They will be advised to self-isolate or seek medical attention.

Any staff member who has symptoms associated with the Covid-19 virus will be required to stay at home and self-isolate. This includes a cough, runny nose or flu-like fever symptoms. Any client with the same symptoms will not be allowed to join a tour and will be advised to self-isolate. 


Guides and clients are required to wear appropriate masks for the duration of the tour.

No mask/no travel rule is strictly applied.

Each guide has been issued with 3 masks which are to be alternated between ‘wear and wash’ throughout the week. 

Alcohol-rub sanitiser

Regulatory-approved sanitiser is provided on all tour and safari vehicles and must be applied throughout the tour by guides and clients.

Hand-rub sanitiser dispensers are available in prominent places in our offices and where our guides and clients convene before and after tours. 

Washing hands

Our guides have received extensive training on how to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This involves regularly washing their hands and general good hygiene care. A good supply of soap and sanitiser is supplied to our office staff and guides. 

Cleaning clothes

Our staff and guides are provided with a good supply of work shirts. As a rule, our team is required to wear newly-washed and ironed work clothes every day. The Kruger Safari Co has adopted a laundry protocol as per the Covid-19 regulations. This is strictly monitored by our management team. 

Cleaning vehicles

Our vehicles are washed down inside and out at the end of each day and sprayed with a regulatory surface sanitiser. A good supply of cleaning products is provided and replenished regularly. 

Isolation plan

We have put in place an isolation plan as per the recommendations of the Department of Health. This includes a room or area where someone who is not feeling well or has symptoms of the Covid-19 virus can be safely isolated before being transferred to a medical facility for testing.

Office staff and guides have been thoroughly briefed on the screening and isolation protocol for The Kruger Safari Co. Regular updates on latest health warnings and Covid-19 regulations are communicated to all staff members at the office and remote locations. 

Contact tracing

The Kruger Safari Co keeps a meticulous record of all participants on every tour. These will be made available to the health authorities to help with contact tracing in the event that one of our staff members, guides or clients contract the Covid-19 virus. 

Working from home

The Kruger Safari Co adopted a ‘work from home’ policy for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. Where possible, our staff will continue to work from home and only essential staff required to ‘meet and greet’ clients will be working from our office. 


The health and well-being of our staff and clients are a priority for The Kruger Safari Co. If you have any questions or concerns that relate to our Covid-19 compliance, please don’t hesitate to call us.


Anthony Colia:   +27 (0)82 506 9641


Persons with higher risk of contracting Covid-19


Age and co-morbidity history may affect whether you can travel to South Africa and join a tour in the country. The Kruger Safari Co is required to request your age and medical history at the time of making a tour booking.

·         High-risk people and those with co-morbidities may not be allowed to travel to South Africa.


·         65 years plus:             not allowed under current Covid-19 restrictions

·         60 to 65                       allowed under certain conditions


Staff and public transport


The Kruger Safari Co is required to reduce or stop the use of public transport by our staff by either:

·         letting staff live-in on the company property

·         using company cars to transfer staff to and from their homes


Interprovincial travel


The Kruger Safari Co requires all guests to present proof of their accommodation bookings for overnight stays. Documents need to be presented at the time guests are collected by our driver.

The Kruger Safari Co will travel with booking documents for day tours. 

Tracing protocol


Tracing people that may have come into contact with a staff member or client who has tested positive for Covid-19 is managed through our staff roster and client booking documents.

Guests will be asked to provide a copy of their travel itinerary to facilitate the tracking process. This includes details of places they are visiting and hotels or lodges where they are staying. 

Medical and Travel Declaration Form


All staff and clients will be required to complete a Medical and Travel Declaration Form provided by the Department of Health. It will be completed prior to departing for a tour.

The declaration form covers:

·         general health

·         chronic and other conditions, including medication

·         physical impairments

·         symptoms 30-days prior to departure

·         smoker status and fitness level

·         Covid-19 history

·         Covid-19 status disclosure sign-off

·         comprehensive holiday itinerary for tracing

·         recent travel history conducted one month prior to arriving in South Africa

·         contact details for next of kin or contact person not travelling with the client

·         nationality

·         ID or passport number

·         proof of travel and medical insurance for international clients


Temperature monitoring


The Kruger Safari Co is required to take the temperature of guides and clients prior to departure for a tour. The Department of Health specifies that a temperature higher than 37.5° is a warning sign of a possible Covid-19 case. Any guide or client with a high temperature or presenting typical Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to depart with the rest of the tour group. 

Safety protocol


Daily sanitisation of tour vehicles using a regulation fumigator, including:

·         vehicle keys

·         steering wheels & gear knobs

·         dashboard & controls

·         armrests & backs of seats/chairs

·         seatbelts & seatbelt buckles

·         window controls and windowsills

·         air-conditioning controls & vents

·         storage boot and trailer

·         glove compartment

·         door compartments

·         all handles, including folded handles

·         spare wheel compartment and spare wheel tools

·         oil and water dipsticks

·         petrol cap


Other Covid-19 protection protocols include:

·         regulation hand sanitiser provided on mounted units in the vehicle for both clients and guides

·         sanitisation of luggage and sanitisation of luggage handler’s hands

·         compulsory wearing of mask, except when eating and drinking

·         3 masks provided per staff member to accommodate washing requirements

·         guests required to use the same seat for the duration of the tour


Tour buses and coaches


The Kruger Safari Co is required to abide by the regulation of 70% capacity in tour buses and coaches.

Clients are required to have an empty seat between them to accommodate social distancing rules.

The Kruger Safari Co will adopt international guidelines for tour buses and coaches as advised.

Where possible, a perspex shield is installed between the driver and clients in tour vehicles 

Private shuttle cars


Clients are required to sit on the back passenger seat. No client my sit in the front seat next to the driver.

Maximum of two people in a private car with a social distancing space between them.   

Specialised safari vehicles


Same sanitisation and capacity requirements will be applied. This includes:

·         wipe down roll bars and handles with regulation disinfectant after each stop

·         binoculars cannot be shared and need to be wiped frequently by guests with sanitiser wipes provided

·         portable food and drink containers cleaned with surface disinfectant after each use and thoroughly cleaned at the end of each safari tour

·         guides and clients provided with their own rain poncho for each safari tour; regularly wiped down and industrial cleaned at the end of the safari tour

·         apply standard food service regulations (Section 12) for the disposal of utensils and crockery throughout the safari tour and deep sanitise non-disposable items at the end of the tour 



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