All Inclusive Kruger National Park Safaris

The Kruger National Park is likely to come to mind when you think of an African safari. It is by far South Africa’s most well-known wildlife reserve. Based on the wildlife that inhabits the park, it is often called the best national park on the planet.

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The diversity of animal and plant life, as well as the number of animals currently in the park, contributed to the park’s magnificent reputation.  Kruger Park Co. Tours offers several types of Kruger Park safaris, including all-inclusive safari packages.

A safari in South Africa is at the top of almost everyone’s bucket list when visiting this part of the world. Visiting the Kruger National Park is an unforgettable experience; it is, in many ways, precisely what you would expect from an African safari. 

When you join Kruger Safari Company Tours on a safari adventure, you will be treated to luxury accommodations. They have designed the ideal safari packages to help you spend the most enjoyable time in the park. And spending time with a knowledgeable guide is, without a doubt, the best way to ensure that you see exactly what you came to visit.

The Kruger National Park in South Africa’s Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces is unlike any other place you will ever visit. Nature is rich and untouched; the animals live in a truly natural habitat, which is incredible to witness with your own eyes. 

Of course, most people come to the park with a list of animals they want to see, but your time at the park is about more than just seeing animals. Time spent in the park provides a welcome respite from the stresses of everyday life. It is an educational journey when taken with a Kruger National Park tour operator.

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What Is an All-Inclusive Kruger Park Safari?

If you go on a safari in Kruger Park that is all-inclusive, it means that you pay a set daily rate per person, and that rate covers not only your lodging, but also your meals, snacks, and standard drinks, as well as your game-viewing activities. 

At first glance, all-inclusive African safari vacations could appear to be more expensive than they actually are for a number of reasons, including this one.

For the discerning tourist, the luxury Kruger Park safaris offered by Kruger Safari Company Tours are all-inclusive packages that include lodging at four- to five-star facilities that provide a unique and personalised service. 

Such premium Kruger Park safaris include round-trip road transfers from Johannesburg, dinners, and open-air safari drives in addition to the safari drives themselves.

The all-inclusive safari is becoming increasingly popular. This segment of the tourism industry has long been popular among vacationers in the United States, but it has recently witnessed significant expansion in the rest of the world. 

As a result of the growing demand, the number of accommodation groups that provide all-inclusive vacations has also increased. Several safari establishment chains have jumped on board. They now provide first-rate accommodations, cutting-edge design, elegant dining, and service to match.

During game drives, they may provide you with local beers and brand spirits, as well as teas, coffees, and other refreshments after the drives.

The days of worn-out accommodations and room-temperature buffets are long gone. The modern traveller seeking an all-inclusive safari vacation has high expectations, and Kruger Safari Company Tours will ensure that their guests receive precisely what they want.

Why Choose an All-Inclusive Kruger Park Safari

The majority of their travellers are familiar with the standard inclusions in the price of a safari, which often include their lodging, two game drives per day, all of their meals, and (in some cases) their beverages as well.

The value, however, is in the additional particulars that are included. It could be the extraordinary abilities of your highly trained safari guide, the perfectly chilled drink that is served to you at sunset in the middle of the bush, the freshly baked treats that come with your morning coffee, or a dinner that is served to you unexpectedly under a tree that is lit by lanterns.

The most exclusive lodges and tented camps in Africa are consistently ranked among the most opulent accommodations worldwide. The three-course dinners served in the suites are on par with those served at the best restaurants in the city. Suites often have private decks and plunge pools. And in the time in between drives, you can squeeze in a brief workout at the fitness centre or search for the beach lounger with the most impressive view.

You may also have the option of participating in guided walking safaris, horseback riding safaris, or even yoga classes in addition to game drives. Greater Kruger has several such incredible destinations for gourmets, as each lodge features excellent dining options and an average of hundreds of different bottles of wine on their wine lists.

All Inclusive Safaris for couples

An all-inclusive safari is the best way to share special time with the one you love.  

Enjoy sundowners in the fading light at Kruger National Park and let the African night sounds lull you to sleep in your exclusive suite far away from other people.  

Enjoy the romantic seclusion on the off-the-beaten-track game drives without any worry about any housekeeping back at your lodge.

Many all-inclusive luxury vacations can be designed around your wants, needs, timeframe and budget.  

All Inclusive Safaris for families

The idea of bringing one’s children or grandparents on an all-inclusive safari can cause some people to pause for consideration, but they shouldn’t. Your trip will take on an entirely new meaning when you go with your family, and everyone in your family will come away with memories that will last a lifetime.

When it comes to going on safari with your family, there are some prevalent misconceptions. 

To begin, a safari may probably not be the best choice for families with young children. Or that upon arrival, some families might worry about how their children would react when they are in the presence of wild creatures. Or, if your family is more mature, and the adolescents prefer spending time apart from the family to spending time together, but a game reserve is not a place where one can wander off by themselves.

But just think about the eagerness when they see their first lion, the extreme joy when they witness a hippo open its mouth really wide, and the intense focus as they listen to what the guides are teaching them about wildlife. 

The way in which they will enthusiastically tell you about all that they have seen and done will give you the opportunity to experience the world from their point of view. 

In addition, several lodges in South Africa offer special children’s programmes for children ages 2 to 8 years old. Excellent guides at these lodges will take them to track spoor and help them grasp some of the more minute details, such as the fact that dung beetles walk backwards. 

Their adventure is going to be one of a kind.

Since they were forced to close their borders because of COVID, lodges in South Africa have since implemented stringent safety standards to provide you and your family with peace of mind when you are away from home. 

Your family will have a wonderful experience doing an all-inclusive safari in South Africa because you will be able to take advantage of private transportation and private wildlife encounters. 

Pros and Cons of Choosing an All Inclusive Kruger Safari



Your package will include almost everything you will need for an enjoyable safari. 

Your safari may work out to be more expensive than for accommodation where you can opt for more budget meal options.

Your lodge amenities will be of the highest quality 

You will have to book early, due to the size of all-inclusive lodges

You can be assured of a very exclusive safari

Not all of these exclusive lodges allow children

You will experience exquisite gourmet dining

You will probably not be allowed to go on self-drive trips on the properties

Guides and trackers will do their utmost best and even go off-road to find sightings for you


The all-inclusive venues usually accommodate only a few guests


If your lodge allows children, they will be permitted on open-vehicle game drives too


How Would You Spend a Typical Day on an All Inclusive Kruger Safari?

At an all-inclusive luxury safari lodge in Greater Kruger, every day brings its own surprises. Bushveld retreats’ predictable soothing routine allows you to relax completely and forget the stresses of city life. 

Here’s what you can expect:

Before leaving on a game drive, there will be time for a cup of coffee and rusks.

As the sun rises, the bushveld comes alive with sound and activity. The soft glow of the sunrise glistening off morning dew, the soft call of waking birds, and the fresh scent of a new day make early mornings in the bushveld magical.

Depending on what you see, the early morning game drive lasts about three hours. You might end up spending more time watching a majestic leopard in a tree or a pride of lions on a kill than the leopard. The Kruger luxury safari lodges do not allow self-drive safari tours. Daily game drives are conducted in an open safari vehicle with a ranger and tracker.

The guided morning drive usually includes a snack and drink stop at a lookout point where guests are permitted to exit the vehicle.

When guests return to the lodge, they will be greeted with a hearty breakfast. It’s best enjoyed on the deck, which typically overlooks a waterhole or river. After that, you have a few hours to unwind in your luxury suite, by the pool, or wherever you want. 

You can also go on a guided bush walk with your guide.

Delicious meals and tables laden with pastries are just as important on your Africa safari trip as the wildlife and scenery. Lunch is usually served on the deck, followed by High Tea before departing for sundowner game drives.

Back in the open safari vehicles, you set out in search of new animal sightings and explore the various areas of the private reserve.

Your ranger will take you to another beautiful lookout for sundowners and snacks. As the heat subsides and the nocturnal animals awaken, sip crisp wine or G&Ts and soak in the tranquillity of the beautiful bushveld surroundings. 

After dark, take a leisurely drive back to the lodge to experience the bushveld at night.

Dinner under the stars around a roaring fire pit has to be one of the highlights of a Kruger safari tour. Allow the sounds of the bushveld night to lull you to sleep as you relax with your fellow guests, sharing sighting stories and feasting on a delicious meal.

Things to Bring to an All Inclusive Kruger Park Safari

It is wise to pack lightly because nationally scheduled, and charter aircraft flights have stringent baggage limits (20 kilogrammes).

Laundry services are included at almost all lodges, so you don’t need much clothes.

Towels and other amenities are provided as standard as well.

You will definitely want a photographic record of your adventure, and if wildlife images are vital to you, a good DSLR camera with a long lens, at least 400mm, is required. 

Anything less, and the animals will be reduced to gray dots in a sea of scrub. Bring extra camera batteries and memory cards with you.

Binoculars are also necessary. Get the best pair you can afford, and make sure that everyone in your group has one, or there will be endless bickering over who gets a closer look at that distant rhino.

A good bird and animal field guide is an excellent addition to your pack. Most guides will have one for guests to use but having your own is still convenient.

Lightweight walking shoes are recommended (and essential for anyone planning a walking safari). Hiking pants and shorts are also recommended. They are comfortable to wear and provide protection from thorn bushes and the sun. 

Bring a fleece because it can get surprisingly cold during a sunrise safari. A sun hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are also recommended.

If you are staying in upscale accommodations, it is probably a good idea to bring a set of slightly smarter clothes for evening dinner.

Don’t bring:

  • Clothing with bright colours or busy patterns. This will draw attention to you and frighten the wildlife away.
  • White clothing will quickly show dirt and dust, so try to wear something neutral instead.
  • Most lodges and camps have a relaxed dress code, so formal attire is not required. Bring a smart, clean outfit to dinner, but no need to be overly formal.
  • Heavy hiking boots take up too much space in your suitcase and aren’t necessary for most safaris unless you’ve been told that you’ll be walking through the rainforest or rough terrain.
  • Pack lightly because most safari lodges have laundry facilities.

Included and Excluded Services or Amenities in an All Inclusive Safari Package

In most cases, an all-inclusive package will include all the traditional game-viewing activities offered at the lodge; however, certain lodges may offer more specific activities as optional extras that come at an additional cost. 

For instance, in certain camps, activities like walking safaris and night game drives demand that you are escorted by a ranger which could cost extra.

However, many lodges offer these and similar activities at no additional cost; therefore, it will depend on a specific lodge and the amenities that are provided on a routine basis. 

Activities that require specialised preparation, such as flying in a hot air balloon or taking a scenic trip, are typically booked with third-party providers and, as a result, involve an additional cost. 

You can, however, expect an extraordinarily professional safari guide, chilled sundowners provided in the middle of nowhere, and a romantic dinner eaten under a billion African stars.

These lodges often have private plunge pools with views of the plains, sumptuous décor, and world-class chefs who serve cuisine that is on par with that served in the best restaurants in major cities. 

7 Standard Inclusions in an All Inclusive Safari Package:

  • All meals, tea and coffee, and local brand alcoholic beverages.
  • Two safari activities per day (usually game drives, but sometimes walking safaris or water safaris, depending on the lodge)
  • Some lodges provide both a tracker and a guide; the tracker locates the animals while the guide interprets. Other lodges employ a tracker/guide who performs both functions.
  • Daily sundowner cocktails in a picturesque location
  • Transfers by car to and from the nearest airport
  • Taxes, entrance fees to parks, and conservation fees
  • Laundry service.

Standard Exclusions from an All Inclusive Safari Package

This can vary from lodge to lodge, but in general, you should expect that the following services and amenities would be for your own account:

  • Premium brands of alcoholic beverages
  • Special trips like an aeroplane or hot air balloon safaris, village visits, exclusive dinners, etc.
  • Treatments offered at a spa on the premises
  • Gratuities for your tour guide and the personnel at the resort


The fact that you enjoy an all-inclusive stay at a lodge, where you will enjoy just the very best at the hand of qualified and dedicated staff, usually urge visitors to leave substantial tips for the staff members who attended to them.

A gratuity of $15 per day for your guide, in addition to $8–10 per day for your tracker, if you have one, is often recommended. 

The lodge employees can also be tipped $15 per day.

You usually have the option of leaving a single tip in the form of cash or charging it to your credit card at the end of your stay.

The vast majority of lodges will have a separate gratuities box for the staff members, in which you may deposit your tip, which will then be distributed equally among the members of the staff.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Kruger Park on an All Inclusive Safari?

The months between May and October offer the most favourable conditions for going on an all-inclusive safari in South Africa. 

These are the best months to go game viewing in Kruger, Madikwe, Pilanesberg, and KwaZulu-Natal because the animals are congregated near water sources and are easier to identify in the thinned-out foliage that the dry season brings.

South Africa is a vast and diverse country, and the weather in its many different regions offers a wide range of possibilities. 

Before the onset of winter in June and continuing through August, summer often continues from around December through March. Rain falls during the winter months in Cape Town and the Western Cape, whereas the summers are mostly dry and quite hot. 

Rainfall can occur at any time of the year along the Garden Route and Eastern Cape, in contrast to the majority of the rest of the country, which includes the region surrounding Kruger Park, which experiences rain during the summer months and dry winter.

How to Book an All Inclusive Kruger Park Safari

As you can see from all of the information detailed here, it is impossible to know everything unless you go on safari several times a year. 

Going on an African Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime dream for many people, but the wrong choices and planning can lead to huge disappointment. 

Choose a tour operator who can assist you in making the right decisions; this is critical and can make or break your trip. 

Working with a tour operator who is entirely familiar with a variety of safari products and travels to each location on a regular basis will assist you in creating a trip that fits within your budget and expectations. 

Camps and logistics change from year to year; an on-the-ground tour operator is invaluable, will save you time, maximise your experience, and will most likely cost you less than doing it all yourself. 


As a result of their location, often in remote places, the costs associated with travelling to and from all-inclusive safari lodges should be taken into consideration. 

A connecting flight to the airstrip serving each game reserve is almost certainly going to be required, in addition to the travel to South Africa itself.

South Africa is by far the most developed and easily accessible place for a safari. The further away from civilization your location is, the higher the price will be. 

Because the four- and five-star all-inclusive safari lodges have a restricted number of visitors, they deliver an intimate safari experience that brings you much closer to your natural surroundings. 

Some camps are pretty small, housing no more than ten people at any given time; other camps, on the other hand, may have anywhere from 30 to 50 suites on the property. 

Each one of them is intended to provide an impression of privacy, isolation, and harmony with the surrounding natural environment.


What is The Kruger National Park?

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s oldest and largest national park. 

The protected wildlife area was first established in 1898, and Kruger Park was officially designated a national park in 1926. 

It is a state-sponsored organisation, but the majority of its revenue is generated by sustainable ecotourism.

Is There a Difference Between The Greater Kruger Park and The Kruger National Park?

Yes, The difference between Greater Kruger Park and Kruger National Park is that Kruger National Park is a state-controlled national park managed by SANParks and open to the public, whereas Greater Kruger Park includes the amalgamation of private game reserves that are members of the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR).

Together with the national park, Greater Kruger forms Africa’s largest and most diverse protected wilderness region.

Where is The Kruger National Park Located?

Kruger National Park is located in the Lowveld area of Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces in South Africa’s far north-eastern region. 

Mozambique borders it on the east, and Zimbabwe borders it on the north.

What is the size of Kruger National Park?

The size of Kruger National Park is 19 485 square kilometres. 

The park spans the provinces of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. It stretches 360 kilometres from north to south and 65 kilometres from east to west.

How Do You Book a Kruger National Park Safari Tour?

You can book a Kruger National Park safari tour through the SANParks website, but foreign tourists will likely book their safari through a reputable tour operator, such as Kruger Safari Company Tours.

Kruger Safari Company Tours has a long history of transporting visitors to the national park. It’s a dependable and safe option that eliminates the hassle of renting a car and self-driving to the park and inside.

How Safe Is It to Go on a Safari in The Kruger National Park?

It is very safe to go on a safari in the Kruger National Park. Make sure that you follow the park’s rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are there to keep you safe, whether you’re in camp or out on a game drive.

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