Map of Kruger Park

Purchase the Kruger Park Map

The High Res Kruger Park map contains in-depth information regarding roads and infrastructure, distances and points of interest. Info-blocks inform the traveller about 4×4 trails, booking information, best drives and more. It also includes a list with a number of highly recommended accommodation options outside the Kruger National Park. The map also has information on the Parque Nacional Do Limpopo, or Limpopo National Park, across the border in Mozambique.

  • Easy to open on any device
  • Practical, user-friendly scale
  • Accommodation listed with booking details
  • Waterholes and dams
  • Points of interest
  • Closest towns and airports
  • Best drives and wildlife viewing sites
  • Viewpoints, picnic sites and hides
  • Distances between points
  • 4×4 trails
  • Gate times
  • Includes Parque Nacional do Limpopo

Distances between Gates and Camps

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