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Roodewal Bush Lodge

The SANParks Roodewal Bush Lodge in the world-renowned Kruger National Park (KNP) is a secluded private self-catering bush lodge on the banks of the Timbavati River north of Satara Rest Camp and south of Olifants Rest Camp well past halfway north in the Kruger National Park (KNP) in South Africa. It is exclusively rented out to one group of 18 guests at a time.

Roodewal Private Camp - PRW

Date Range Rate 
2023 – 2024 R14000 for 10 persons

Rates quoted per night. 

Include: Self catering, En-suite, 5 Double cottages, Utensils, No Electricity, No Shop or restaurant 

Exclude: Daily Conservation fees, all safari drives, all meals, No restaurant or shop onsite


The Roodewal Private Camp is also located not far from the Olifants River, in one of the parks most popular areas and making the camp itself one of the top ones from which to spot animals.

It is right in the middle of elephant and buffalo territory, with the surrounding areas also rich in pre-historic history.

A bush lodge sports a unique atmosphere and style that provides the opportunity for tourists to enjoy complete isolation and tranquillity, as no other visitors than residents are allowed to enter the camp.

Check-ins must be done at the nearest gate or rest camp as the bush lodges do not have reception offices. Accommodation at Roodewal Bush Lodge is best suited for those guests that are looking for a private, self-catering venue for a private celebration or just an intimate bushveld experience. A bush lodge must be reserved as a whole by one group.

This camp boasts a unique quality due to its design that provides extreme privacy to each individual sleeping unit, making it ideal for family gatherings, corporate think-tanks and even intimate small wedding parties.

What is more, the riverine plant life, including Natal Mahogany and Jackalberry trees, create a magical and picturesque view which can be enjoyed from the braai area and by night the scene is transformed into a wonderland under the bright African stars.

One of the lodge’s special features is the private viewing deck, which is built on stilts and overlooks the Timbavati River.

The accommodation at Roodewal Private Camp is provided in different sized cottages. There is a 6-bedded cottage and three 4-bedded cottages. Electrical power for lights and fans are provided through solar panels so there are no electrical plug points available in cottages for any other appliances.

Apart from the cost of the accommodation, guests should be aware of the daily conservation fees payable. There are different rates for South African citizens and residents (with ID), which is currently R100 per adult per day and R50 per child per day; for SADC Nationals (with passport), which is currently R200 per adult per day and R100 per child per day and the standard conservation fee for all other guests which is currently R400 per adult per day and R200 per child per day.


 Why would you want to visit the Roodewal Private Camp

The Kruger National park is big – in fact the third largest national park worldwide – and comprises hectares of unspoilt African bush plains, offering an experience next to none.

Visitors from all around the world consider this game reserve to be one of the best national parks in the world. Although it is the perfect destination for day visitors that just want to take some time off and self-drive through it or join a guided open vehicle safari to get a real taste of Africa, staying over is the ultimate bonus.

The Kruger National Park caters for all tastes and budgets when it comes to accommodation with a few renowned private concession lodges providing the best of luxury experiences, to affordable options and budget camping.

If you don’t feel comfortable to do self-driving in the park, the KNP offers several guided bush drives and nature walks from most of the rest camps. If it is not available from a bush lodge, it can be arranged from the nearest main rest camp.

Add to that all the interesting creatures and amazing game viewing opportunities, and you need no further excuse to come and stay in the park for a few nights.

All of Africa’s iconic safari species, including the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo), cheetah, giraffe, hippo and zebra, are found here. The Kruger National Park is home to at least 12 000 elephants, 27 000 African Buffalo, 2 000 leopards and 2 800 lions. Bird lovers can look forward to seeing more than 520 bird species.

All of these can be experienced in abundance when staying at Roodewal Bush Lodge where this unrivalled diversity mixes with the historical and archaeological sites of real Africa.

Few visitors leave South Africa without visiting the Kruger National Park and an overnight stay in one of private lodges like Roodewal, you will experience the best of it.

Roodewal Bush Lodge is one of the most picturesque Kruger escapes with its star canopy at night and a breath taking view of the surrounding nature, dominated by large Jackalberry and Natal Mahogany Trees.

The camp’s name is derived from the beautiful dolerite dyke that is located in this part of the reserve. The ridge can be reminiscent of a massive wall of stones with intertwining vegetation that could have been there once.

The camp’s strategic location on the banks of the Timbavati River gives guests the best possible of wildlife viewing opportunities and an excellent rapport with nature itself. The river is one of the Kruger’s great attractions and in the rainy season herds of animals usually frequent this part of the park for water and grazing.

With its intimate accommodation coupled by the stunning views, Roodewal Bush Lodge is the perfect place for families and groups of friends wanting a private Kruger National Park experience.

The lodge is far away from busy roads and totally excluded from any other guests staying in the park at the same time. The camp can accommodate up to 18 people at any time in attractive luxury lodging.

Guests staying here don’t have to completely miss out on all the activities offered by bigger camps either. Although no activities are available from Roodewal Bush Lodge itself, guests can book guided game drives and guided bush walks from Satara Rest Camp.

Other than that the camp has none of the facilities offered elsewhere.

Guests will also need to visit Olifants Rest Camp or Satara Rest Camp if they need to stock up on food or do any kind of basic shopping or have to fill up their vehicles with fuel.

Where is the Roodewal Bush Lodge located

Roodewal Bush Lodge is a private and secluded lodge which is situated about 44 km north of Satara Rest Camp, on the banks of the Timbavati River in the central part of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It is about 30 km south of Olifants Rest Camp, which is the nearest camp to the lodge. The lodge is however managed by Satara Rest Camp and guests need to check in at the Satara reception desk.

The camp has no facilities for shopping, and guests will need to either plan ahead and stock up on supplies or visit nearby Satara or Olifants.

The GPS co-ordinates for Roodewal Bush Lodge is S 24 8′ 38″, E 31 37′ 50″.

How to get to the Roodewal Bush Lodge

The Kruger National Park itself is easily accessible, with the possibility of travelling via road from anywhere in the country or alternatively flying in to Skukuza by a scheduled flight from Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Chartered flights are also available for groups and high end travellers to access the game reserve.

To reach Roodewal Bush Lodge from Johannesburg or anywhere else in Gauteng, it will be best to enter through the Orpen entrance gate.

The fastest route would be to head from Gauteng towards Mbombela (previously known as Nelspruit) on the N4 motorway until you reach the R540 Belfast turn off. After passing Dullstroom you then turn left onto the R36 heading north and pass Mashishing (previously known as Lydenburg) and Ohrigstad before taking the R527 towards Hoedspruit.

About 30 km before you reach Hoedspruit, you turn right onto the R531 and follow the directions to the gate. You should allow between 5 to 6 hours for the trip to the gate.

Roodewal Bush Lodge is approximately another 75 km from the gate, for which you should allow at least 3 to 4 hours due to the speed limit of 50 kmh. However, since you can already enjoy the game viewing possibilities, give yourself more time for the drive to the camp.

Also, keep the gate opening and closing times into account.

Entrance gates opening times:

  • 05:30 from October to March
  • 06:00 from April to September.

Gate closing times are 18:00 from August to October, 18:30 from November to February, 18:00 for March and April and 17:30 from May to July.

Camp gates opening times are slightly different from entrance gates – 05:30 in October, 04:30 from November to January, 05:30 in February and March and 06:00 from April to September.

What to do while staying at the Roodewal Bush Lodge

None of the facilities usually found in the bigger camps in the KNP are available at Roodewal Bush Lodge, and none of the activities are also offered from the lodge.

Guests can however pre-arrange guided game walks or game drives with Satara Rest Camp, which will be subject to general availability.

These activities can ensure an enhanced and even more exciting bush experience to complement a stay at the bush lodge. All details for these activities, as well as bookings, can be obtained from the reception desks at Satara or Olifants camps.

Guests should note that there are no shop or restaurant available at the lodge and no electricity (plug points) available in units for any appliances. There is also no cell phone reception available.

What to watch out for when staying at the Roodewal Bush Lodge

Fauna and flora found in this region of the Kruger National Park are rich in variety, with large trees and interesting plants to catch the attention.

Private self-drive game viewing will be one of the main activities during your stay at Roodewal Bush Lodge. Leaving the camp before the sun rises, and again in the afternoon before the sun sets will offer the best game viewing experience. During these times, the temperature is cool enough for animals to come out of the shade to graze and drink, which means you have the best opportunity to see a variety of wildlife.

Guests to this area can specifically look out for elephant, lion, martial eagles, night egrets and nyala.

What type of accommodation does the Roodewal Bush Lodge offer and what amenities/facilities are available at the hide

Roodewal Bush Lodge is an exclusive, private lodge created in a unique style, with rustic atmosphere.

The venue provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy complete privacy, as only residents are allowed entrance to the lodge area.

Roodewal can accommodate a maximum of 18 people at a time in its cottages.

There are only a few units in the camp, with each having 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms comprising a shower and toilet. Both of these bedrooms have single beds and a ceiling fan to keep the occupants cool and comfortable.

Cottage number 1 has three beds in each bedroom, while cottages number 2, 3 and 4 have two beds in each bedroom.

All of the cottages have a lounge or living area and a kitchen with a closed veranda and a braai facility outside the unit.

Roodewal also has a fully equipped communal kitchen and a dining area that can accommodate up to 18 guests.

The camp makes use of a solar power system hence there is no air conditioning within the units, only the solar powered ceiling fans. The units have a gas geyser that provides hot water and a gas stove for cooking.

Roodewal Bush Lodge is managed from Satara Rest Camp and has no reception area of its own, so visitors can check in at any main rest camp or gate and should stock up from the shops in the main camps too.

What do you need to know and bring for a safe and comfortable stay at the Roodewal Bush Lodge

Roodewal Bush Lodge has no reception area, restaurant, shop or ATM facilities, neither electricity for appliances in the units. A generator may be used for lights at night.

There is also no cell phone reception at the lodge.

Visitors should refrain from leaving any food outside or unattended, as thieving monkeys and baboons are a threat from time to time.

No drones may be used inside (and over) the national park and no pet animals may be brought into the reserve.

Guests are advised to bring a torch or headlamp for when it may be required to walk outside at night, since outdoor lighting is limited. No smoking is allowed inside the accommodation.

Guests must never approach any wild animals regardless of where they encounter them.

Guests should also never feed or touch the animals, since by doing it they actually end up doing more harm than good as these animals may then pose a threat to humans in future. By feeding any kind of wildlife, you are actually signing a death warrant for them as they usually become aggressive in the long run.

While the larger animals can be easily be seen and avoided, the same cannot be said about insects and reptiles. There are a variety of snakes, spiders and scorpions living in the camp area, and those small enough tend to make their homes within the accommodation structures.

Although not all of them are poisonous, most of their bites may be quite painful and they will most probably bite when threatened or accidently stepped on. It is advisable that guests wear shoes when walking anywhere around the lodge.

Kruger National Park is situated within a general malaria area and summer times in particular can leave guests exceptionally vulnerable to this deadly infection. Malaria is carried by mosquitos and guests visiting the area must make sure that they protect themselves against being bitten and infected by this sickness.

It is wise to use reliable insect repellent and sleeping under a mosquito net. Both are great ways to prevent infection, but if you want to make double sure, using preventative medication, prescribed by a doctor, would be the best way to totally avoid the sickness.

When to visit the Roodewal Bush Lodge

The Roodewal Bush Lodge is more than suitable for visits all year round you just need to be aware of the pitfalls of each season.

During the summer months, roughly from September to April, day temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) with a very high humidity. Sporadic summer thunder showers, often in the late afternoons, may cool the air to a comfortable temperature.

During the winter months, usually May to August, days can still be warm and mild, anything between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit), but you will need warm clothing when going on early morning or night drives.


Where is the Roodewal Bush Lodge located?

Roodewal Bush Lodge is situated about 44 km north of Satara Rest Camp, on the banks of the Timbavati River and about 30 km south of Olifants Rest Camp.

What to expect and look out for when staying at the Roodewal Bush Lodge?

Guests to this area can specifically look out for elephant, lion, martial eagles, night egrets and nyala.

What facilities are provided at the Roodewal Bush Lodge and what do you need to bring along?

Roodewal can accommodate a maximum of 18 people at a time in two bedroom cottages with either three or two beds per bedroom.

There are no shops or restaurants, so guests must be completely self-sustained.

When is the best time to visit the Roodewal Bush Lodge?

The Winter Months of May to August is the best time to visit Roodewal Bush Lodge.


Does the Roodewal Camp have a restaurant?

No, the camp does not have a resturant.

Does the Roodewal Camp have a swimming pool?

The Winter Months of May to August is the best time to visit Roodewal Bush Lodge.

Does the Roodewal Camp have a swimming pool?

No, the camp does not have a swimming pool.

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Over 25 years’ experience in assisting guests with their safari reservations.

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